Downtown is the most lively place in the city.
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It is said that people never sleep here and you can always find at least one person during the night there. Downtown is the location of the City Hall. However, it is also the location of the several offices and community buildings.

So once in a while a fight tends to break out at this place but those are often dealt with by the staffmembers.


There are several offices, but there are only a few that are important. First of all, there is an office that deals with piracy. There are often discussions about which people are the top priority and what their abilities are. The main company in this office is called One Piece and is led by one of the staffmembers.

Second, there is an office that deals with intelligence. Intelligence concerns people who act as infiltrators and have skills like ninja's. It's often difficult to discuss who the best is but it's known that these infiltrators work for some of the staffmembers. The main company in this office is called Naruto and used to be led by one of the staffmembers until he got a promotion and a better job.

The third office deals with funerals, estates and assistance. Even though this office is the least big, it is still important as many people can't help but having to deal with this. The main company in this office is called Bleach with the slogan "To Clear your mind, making it as white as snow!".

The fourth office is an up-coming office which is starting to get more and more popular. It deals with the special abilities people have been developing and it is often called the Magic Office. The main company, called Fairy Tail, also offers a special feature which they call 'Nakama Power', where you will go out on fun trips with others. The company, like One Piece, is led by one of the staffmembers.

The last and fifth office is a multifunctional office where several smaller companies can be found. Some notable companies are called Reborn, D.Gray-man, Gintama, Medaka Box.

Community BuildingsEdit

In the city there are in total four community buildings. These buildings serve the purpose of getting people together and forming a smaller community within the city. When joining a community, the leader of the community has to accept the membership request first. The following are the current community buildings:

  • Yorozuya
  • Squirtle Squad
  • Holy Nyan Empire
  • Strawhats