The Underground used to be the old underground subway. However, after the subway station at the City Hall collapsed, the entire subway was closed down. These days the underground serves as a location for several illegal organizations.

Mafia LairEdit

The Mafia Lair is a hidden underground location with three rooms for all the members of the Mafia to use. The first room is where all the registered mafia members discuss the situation. It resembles a simple bar and can sustain the members with food and drink for up to two weeks. The second room is where the mafia members train and fight each other. It can't really be called a room as it is just a wide location in which several objects can be found.

The third room is rather mysterious. Only certain members can access this room and it is said that the Head of Mafia and his student often reside in this room. Nothing else is known about it.

The ArcadeEdit

The Arcade is a single big hall with game equipment. Originally the Arcade was legal and located not too far from the center of the city. However, because some members got addicted to several games and started betting the Arcade was closed down. It is said that one of the staff members reinstalled the Arcade into the Underground subway and still lingers around to keep an eye on things.

The AbyssEdit

The most crowded part of the Underground. The abyss is a refuge for any citizen that can't allow for them to be seen above the ground for a while. Whether this is because of being threatened or because the citizen did something wrong, doesn't matter.

Also serves as a large meeting ground when necessary.