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I am Kevin Cascio a navy seal vet who goes by codename Wolfwood. I specialize in close quarter combat, marksmenship, and stealth. I put many years of training in the Martial arts including muay thai, jujutsu, and judo along with all types of weapons from my military experience. I am very skilled in assinations, taking my enemy head on, and using the environmeant. My 552 assault is my greatest treasure, it belonged to a great man I once looked up to and lost his life against the NAPF forces.



Always alert and observing everything around him. A quiet person who can keep his mouth shut, only speaks when something important has to be said. Likes to get to the point quickly and get the job done.


I was a US Navy Seal who participated in many Special OPs all around the world including the Middle East, India, and Africa and lost a childhood friend on one of these missions and decided to withdraw from the service. Since then I've been traveling around the around the country with no one esle for support, living life freely but in a deep depression. Now that I arrived at this place called Otakumachi it seems the world has brought me to another battlefield once again.


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Skills & AbilitiesEdit

Battle Data

Attack 52

Defense -55

Speed - 50

Agility - 71

Accuracy - 70

Intelligence - 40

Stamina - 60


  • SG 552 Commando
My assault rifle with a effective reach of 400M's, 30 round magazine and a long barreled suppressor that was specifically built to fire without losing accuracy at long range.

  • Close Quarters Combat
I was trained to kill with my barehands and keep a knife next to me for stealth kills. As a kid I had extraordinary reflexes blocking or countering people with ease without notice. My martial arts training added a foundation to my fighting style making it quick and effective with being able to adapt.

  • Explosives
I was trained to be effective in using any type of explosive to my advantage, in particular smoke bombs and claymores. Smoke bombs can be used to run around the city going unnoticed or run away. These claymores can be used for setting up traps, they have a trip laser sensor that ignite when someone runs by. I can also use my gun to blow up ebjects around me and use that to my advantage.


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Character is based on John Rambo - the first movie to be exact